Do you want a Replica of your Big Bass !

How About a FREE replica of your trophy Bass !!!

Kentucky Fisheries has begun a program to add trophy sized males (6+ lbs) and females (8+ lbs)to the current native broodstock in the hatchery. This is expected to produce offspring that have the potential to grow to trophy size in the Kentucky waters that the Department routinely stocks every year.

“The reason is simple: Big bass produce big bass. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife wants anglers to donate their live trophy bass so the department’s hatcheries can use them to produce new generations of oversized fish. In return, anglers will receive a replica mount of their bass.

“I wanted to figure out how we could do a better job of propagating larger bass in Kentucky,” said department Fisheries Director Ron Brooks. “So this kind of program just makes sense. People have been breeding animals forever to optimize the size of the animal, so why not do this with largemouth bass?”

They expect that there will not be many bass caught in these weight ranges and would be happy to see 8 or more. That will be enough to produce tens of thousands of fingerlings. Over the years, the hatchery production will shift towards fingerlings with propensity to grow big.

Here’s how it works. Assistant director Jeff Ross has contacted the licensed bait dealers throughout the state and created a list of bait shops that will receive the fish. To these, add the district offices and the hatcheries.

This link is to the list on their website.

Before you go fishing, check the list for the nearest drop-off, just in case. If you’re not near one of the drop offs, they have established a cell phone to call that is manned by someone all the time, 270-977-3813.

An explanation of the entire program is here.

Remember to practice good fish care (aeration, ice, salt, don’t overcrowd) and get the fish to the drop-off quickly.

Your reward will be a replica of your catch!!


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How to Qualify for the KBF National Semi-Finals

This section is copied from the KBF Tournament Rules.  Rule # 5


There are a total of 6 Divisions hosting 4 Tournaments per Division for a total of 24 Tournaments.

Methods to qualify for the State Championship, Angler of the Year,

& Divisional Winners are listed below.

Buying of the single Divisional Tournament must be done at least 5 days prior to the tournament date. The Tournament Director for that tournament must have your cash money in his hand to be included in the payouts or your buy in won’t count.

At all 24 Divisional Tournaments 1st and 2nd place in points due to total fish weights in both the Angler and Co-Angler divisions will qualify for the State Championship. If the 1st and 2nd place finishers in both Angler and Co-Angler have already qualified we will move down the list to the next Angler or Co-Angler that hasn’t qualified yet.
Anglers and Co-Anglers who have not qualified at one of the Divisional Tournaments and has fished in a total of 4 Divisional Tournaments derived from any of the 24 Divisional Tournaments available for a total 4, one of which may be Bought will be eligible to fish in the State Championship.


Division 1st Place Winners Angler And Co-Angler: At the end of the year the overall 1st place winners for each Division in both the Angler and Co-Angler categories are determined by fishing any or all 4 tournaments within that Division and finishing with the most points accumulated by fish weights for that Division only. (A Tournament that is bought and not fished will not be eligible for points toward the Divisional 1st Place winners).

Angler and Co-Angler of the Year Tournament: This will be held in conjunction with the State Championship. There will be a total of 16 Anglers and 16 Co-Anglers eligible to fish this tournament. To qualify for this tournament the KBF takes the 1st place finisher in points from each of the 6 divisions in both the Angler and Co-Angler divisions. In addition the top 10 Anglers and Co-Anglers with the overall point totals for the year accumulated from all Divisions will also be eligible. The 10 Anglers and Co-anglers does not include the 1st place divisional Anglers and Co-Anglers winners already eligible. You may fish as many of the 24 Divisional Tournaments available and acquire points from each one that will count towards your total points for the year. (Points from your Top 4 tournaments will be added together to get your best score) (A Tournament that is bought and not fished will not accumulate any points towards the top 16 eligible for Angler or Co-Angler of the year).

Methods to qualify for the TBF National Semi-Final

From the KBF State Tournament

 Primary Method

 The top 12, using the KBF Boater / Co-Angler formula, will be eligible for what was formally called our State Team for our Sponsor Program. In addition too, and including the top 12, the number of participants throughout the year at all of the Divisional Qualifiers and State Tournament will be totaled together. 10% of that number will be eligible to attend the TBF Semi-Finals. The same Boater / Co-Angler formula will be used to select that number and your angler of the year points will determine your pairing position. We have to send an equal number of Boaters and Co-Anglers so depending on your Angler of the Year points some Boaters may have to go as Co-Anglers just like we have been doing on the State Team. The KBF will pay for the entry fee to the Semi Finals for all participants who qualify using this format. (In 2015 we had 384 total entries. Rounded up we would have sent 40 fisherman to the Semi Final, 20 Boaters and 20 Non-Boaters).

Each Club can send their Top Sticks to the TBF Nationals Semi-Finals

If you are a member of a KBF Club in good standing, said club may send 2 members who haven’t qualified in one of the Primary ways to qualify.

These members must have at least 301 Angler of The Year Points and fish in the State Championship.

One of these will be the Boater and the other the Co-Angler and both must arrive at the TBF Semi Finals together.

These participants will be determined by the clubs administrators, and their names MUST be submitted to the KBF 2 days after the State Championship to be added to the Semi Final tournament roster .  These participants must pay their own entry fee of $100 for Co-Angler and $200 for Boater into the TBF Semi Finals. These members will be eligible to move on to the TBF Nationals just like the other members that qualified the Primary way.

The Semi-Finals and beyond are run by TBF rules.


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2016 KBF Board Meeting and General Membership

2016 Annual KBF Membership Meeting Saturday January 30, 2016
This meeting is open to all KBF Members
Hilton Garden Inn
2735 Crittenden Drive
Louisville, KY
12:00 – 2:00 EST
Attention: State Team Members

per KBF Rules

If a State Team Member must drop out in either the Angler or Co-Angler division of the State Team before the State Team Roster has been sent in to the TBF, the next highest finishing competitor from which ever division the competitor drops out will move up 1 place. Once the Roster has been sent in to the TBF and a competitor drops out from either the Angler or Co-Angler division the 1st Alternate will take that competitors place. The 1st Alternate is always an Angler with a back up boat on hand if needed. After which the 2nd and 3rd Alternates will be on standby if needed to complete a full 12 man Team.

The above message pertains to KBF Rules.

Once Entry Forms are turned in to TBF, only TBF Tournament rules will be adhered to.

Link to map for directions below: … index.html
Scroll to bottom to see the Meeting times for KBF Board Meeting

Only certified Board Members can be in attendance during this meeting

This is located directly behind the Hall Of Fame Café and Cracker Barrel. It is directly outside of gate 4 of the exposition center. You can park inside the fairgrounds at the gate and walk 200 yards to the entrance to the conference center if one chooses to do that. They will also supply a shuttle from the main entrance of boat show to the Inn and back to the boat show at no charge. Just call the motel at 502-637-2424 and ask for the shuttle. For those that want to eat breakfast they have a great buffet served from 6:30 to 11:00 for $11.95. if you get there early you can eat before the meeting.

Donnie Keeton will be there to answer questions about the new KBF / TBF tournament format.

KBF Board Meeting
Same Location
Meeting Time  starts at 10 AM until 12 Noon or may be tabled until after the Membership Meeting if needed.


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TBF & NBAA Dual Memberships now available

You asked —– TBF Delivers !

Over the past couple years KBF members have asked the Question  “Will TBF members be offered a discount if we want to start a NBAA division of our own or join and fish the NBAA circuit that TBF is affiliated with?”

TBF members are now being offered a DEEP discount for NBAA membership AND NBAA members are being offered a good discount to join TBF! Everyone wins!

  • Numerous Federation club members want to fish a local team tournament format, on your home lakes and gain the opportunity to advance to a real national Championship! You now have that opportunity.
  • Yearly national TBF membership remains only $50.00 and includes full TBF and FLW competitor memberships and all benefits associated with them.
  • Current TBF members that have already paid their 2016 TBF National dues of $50.00 can now join NBAA for only $10.00 per year and start fishing your very own NBAA events.
  • Current NBAA members that have already paid their 2016 NBAA annual dues of $40.00 can now join TBF for only an additional $20.00 per year!
  • Members still must join your local state federation to fish state federation events.
  • It is a great opportunity for Federation members to be able to advance toward 2 different National Championships.

State Clubs, here is the opportunity for clubs to grow and gain more members. Your club tournaments can also be NBAA events and you could advance to a national Championship and win a Ranger boat just by fishing your club NBAA events! The tool is here use it to help grow both organizations. For more info on NBAA or to start your very own NBAA division.

Check out the website at





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PowerPole Discounts for KBF Members

PowerPole Discounts

As you know one of the hardest things to do is come up with a substantial discount on something that we can offer to every single TBF member who joins.  The folks at Power Pole has stepped up and offered exactly that. 

 I am happy to say we have that with Power pole and the details are attached, even the smallest discount offered by Power Pole can save a TBF member much more than their annual membership costs, effectively making their TBF membership FREE…… sometimes for several YEARS!

Please get the word out to your membership that there is a substantial discount to them JUST for buying power poles at their local dealer, retailer or Cabela’s store\online and remember these programs the next time a member or a club ask

As you know one of the hardest things to do is come up with a substantial discount on something that we can offer to every single TBF member who joins.  The folks at Power Pole has stepped up and offered exactly that. 

 I am happy to say we have that with Power pole and the details are attached, even the smallest discount offered by Power Pole can save a TBF member much more than their annual membership costs, effectively making their TBF membership FREE…… sometimes for several YEARS!

 Please get the word out to your membership that there is a substantial discount to them JUST for buying power poles at their local dealer, retailer or Cabela’s store\online and remember these programs the next time a member or a club asks you for a member discount…… to tell them about the Power Pole discount or the discount to all members from Berkley in the TBF members only online store for instance.  

 Thanks all more to come for 2016 stay tuned.

 Yours In Service,


Click on Link below to view the Member Discount

2016 Powerpole_TBF Member Discounts

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New TBF Semi Finals format footprint

2016 will be the last year that KBF members will compete for a position on the State Team

The new format will allow more members to attend the newly organized TBF National Semi Finals

Click the Red Link to view the new format:     TBF Semi Finals Footprint 

Watch here for KBF Board guidelines for KBF members to advance on. The KBF Board of Directors are working on the Guidelines that will be posted asap.

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TBF announces New “TBF Semi Finals Events

The Bass Federation, Inc. (TBF) Announces Massive Expansion and Format Change To Its Adult Program For The First Time Since 1990

All New TBF National Semi Final Events

Ponca City, Ok. (October 23, 2015) – The Bass Federation (TBF) announced today that it is expanding the adult qualifying program from seven TBF division championships to a TBF National Semi-Finals Program comprised of more than 20 “close-to-home” events.

“It is time,” was the theme heard throughout the 2015 state presidents’ conferences, which were held in conjunction with the Forrest Wood Cup in August in Hot Springs, Ark.

The 2016 season will mark the final year the long-established TBF framework of seven division championships will serve as the process by which anglers qualify nationwide into the biggest events with the largest prizes in all of competitive fishing. It will be replaced by a massive expansion of more than 20 TBF National Semi-Final events. Both programs (the division championships and the new National Semi-Final events) will run concurrently for the 2016 transition year so that no one is left out.

The basic structure of TBF’s current adult program was voted into place in 1990 by the state federation presidents. It has served the federation well for 25 years. The first hurdle in making such a major change is getting all state presidents to agree on a basic outline and then working through all the details to roll it out. When the presidents work through this, it’s a pretty good vetting system and the new concept outline was voted into place unanimously by all states attending TBF’s 2015 annual meetings.

The new TBF National Semi-Finals Program will make competing much more cost effective and much more rewarding financially, with travel costs way down and cash payout direct to the individual anglers increased. No longer will TBF members have to travel across the nation to attempt to qualify for the Federation National Championship, or to earn one of 14 TBF member qualifying spots into the BFL All-American or to qualify for the Forrest Wood Cup and the FLW Tour with all entry fees paid, use of a custom wrapped Ranger boat all year and a chance of a lifetime to “Live The Dream.”

“Obviously as you will see we are not cutting anything, we are drastically expanding something that has been very successful and that decision was not taken lightly,” said Robert Cartlidge, TBF president and CEO. “Of course, the states have made improvements over the years to the program, such as the national insurance program started in 1991, the TBF\FLW Living The Dream program, numerous member discounts, doubling the number of anglers from each state advancing to the Federation National Championship and advancing beyond the Federation National Championship in our partnership in fishing with FLW in 2006, but this is the first major revamp and expansion of the basic format.”

Highlights of the new program include:


  • All National Semi-Final events will take place in two- and three-state groups, so travel will only be “next door”. This means not only is travel costs greatly reduced and payouts greatly increased but the new program will host a National Semi-Final event in every market segment of North America.
  • Anglers want to fish for some money, so that will be a huge added feature.


  • This program greatly reduces the amount of time required to qualify and advance.


  • In a giant new club benefit for every individual TBF affiliated club in good standing with their state, they will have the ability to qualify their top angler(s) direct from their club to a TBF National Semi-Final.


  • Larger membership states will qualify more anglers to a National Semi-Final because they have more members competing. Each state federation will send a minimum of 12 anglers to a National Semi Finals, there is no maximum based on membership participation and growth.


  • MORE anglers from each state will also advance to the TBF Federation National Championship. For instance at the 2017 Federation National Championship at least 2 boaters and 2 co-anglers from each state. Depending on participation numbers, some states may advance even MORE.


  • State Pride – The program will continue a new “State vs State Competition” piece within each National Semi-Final where a percentage of top qualifying anglers will represent their home state with significant prizes and bragging rights for the state who wins their National Semi- Final.


  • All payouts will increase significantly across the board however a major emphasis and rewards are being added for those members qualifying as a co-angler in each National Semi-Final and in the Federation National Championship.


  • Full details and outlines will go out to the state Federation Presidents & membership in coming days and weeks and be posted to as the new program is rolled out.


“TBF as the oldest and largest organized grassroots fishing, youth and conservation group at the grassroots level has been laser-focused on the High School Fishing program since we founded that movement nationwide in 2007,” Cartlidge continued. “The High School program is well established and continues to grow annually by leaps and bounds. It’s time for us to turn the same laser focus we used to found and develop the wildly successful National High School program toward our adult program, and we are doing exactly that.”

“Many of our programs are widely imitated in the industry, in part, because they are so successful, so we do recognize this change will affect a lot of folks,” Cartlidge added. “I’m sure this new program the presidents have built will be imitated as well, and change will spread. As an industry leader in grassroots fishing, we have a responsibility to look ahead to the next 25 years, recognize the world is a different place than it was in 1990 and build a program that fits today lifestyles and economy. Most federation members do not want to fish professionally full time but they all would like the chance to try their skills against other members, have some fun, earn their share of a nice prize pool and possibly advance to fish the biggest events in all of fishing once in their lifetime. This program provides ever club members with that chance.”

About The Bass Federation

The Bass Federation Inc., (TBF) is owned by those we serve and dedicated to the sport of fishing and proudly “partners in fishing” with FLW. TBF is a member of the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame and the only 100% member-owned national fishing organization. TBF is the largest and oldest organized grassroots fishing, youth and conservation organization in North America. TBF-affiliated state federations and their member clubs conduct more than 20,000 fishing, youth and conservation events each year. The Federation has provided a foundation for the entire bass fishing industry for more than 45 years. For more information about TBF visit or look for bassfederation on Facebook.


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2015 KBF State Tournament Qualified


Kentucky Bass Federation

2015 KBF State Championship Tournament

KBF Angler & Co Angler

Congratulations you have qualified as either a Angler or Co Angler to fish in the KBF State Tournament. The purpose of the State Tournament is to select the 2016 State Team consisting of Anglers, Co Anglers, Alternates, and the 2016 President. These 15 individuals will represent the State of Kentucky at the 2016 TBF Southern Divisionals hosted by South Carolina. At the time of this letter Santee Cooper Lake is the prosposed tournament site.

In addition the Angler of the Year Tournament will be going on in conjunction with the State Tournament. The Top 6 Anglers in points from fishing up to 4 Qualifiers within one of the 6 Regions, along with the top 10 Anglers in total overall point, other than the 6 Regional Angler Winners for a total of 16 that will compete for the Angler of the Year award. At the State Tournament the (Best 4 Tournament Point Totals from fishing in any Region) for each of the 16 Anglers & Co Anglers will be tallied and then the points from each day of the State Tournament will be added to that total to determine the 2015 Angler of the Year.

The Entry fee for this tournament will be $75.00 per Angler & $50.00 per Co Angler with an Optional Big Fish Pot at $10.00 per person. Big Fish pot is paid back at 100%. Please send a check for the entry fee amount if you wish or bring it with you in cash to the meeting. As stated above the Big Fish Pot is optional and it needs to be paid in cash when you check in at the Registration Banquet.

You Can mail your entry fee to John Dixon PO Box 393, Leitchfield, KY 42755

The Pre Tournament Meeting: it is mandatory to sign in, if you cannot make the meeting make arrangements for someone to stand in for you and to pay your optional $10.00 Big Fish Pot. They will need to meet with your partner to see where you will need to be the morning of the tournament.

Pre Tournament Meeting & Banquet Location:

Date: Friday October 23, 2015

Time: Registration from 5:00 – 6:00 PM Eastern Time / Banquet will begin at 6:30 Eastern Time

Place: National Guard Armory   1503 E. Broadway St. Campbellsville, KY 42718

The State Tournament will be held at Green River Lake and the ramp will be Ramp 1 located near the dam. There is a Corps of Engineers launch fee at the ramp. Tournament Days will be Saturday 10/24/2015 & / Sunday 10/25/2015. Times will be announced at the Pre Tournament briefing.

There is no Official Host Motel setup for this event. Every Angler is on their own locating their Lodging.


Good Luck to everyone and Hope to see you there.

John Dixon, President

Rodney Bridgeman, Vice President

Tom Whittington, Sec/Treas


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2015 AOY Top 16 Fishoff


All 24 Events have now been gone through and Points have been verified and double checked for accuracy.  10/1/2015 4:45 AM

Top 16 Anglers Qualified for AOY Championship

Blue Type indicates Division Winner

Red Type indicates Point Total for Best 4 Events

Division f name l name Points per Div Best of 4 Events # Events Fished
John Dixon 1198 5
Central River Darin Moxley 1192 1197 12
Northern Darin Moxley 1189 1197 12
Eastern Chad Rice 1196 1196 4
Karl Snyder   1194 5
  Paul Stone   1192 4
  Rodney Bridgman   1191 5
LBL Brian Hickey 1190 1190 4
Bryan Snyder   1190 5
  Mark Cooper   1186 5
Sou Central Michael Johnson 1032 1179 8
Steven Wormley   1179 4
  James Burns   1178 5
  Steven Taylor   1177 5
  Mike Williams   1169 4
Central Gerald Smith 1030 1168 4
Top 16 Co Anglers Qualified for AOY Championship
Division f name l name Points per Div Best of 4 Events # Events Fished
Sou Central Rick Stringer 1198 1199 7
Central Patrick Herman 893 1199 8
LBL Tom Ballowe 1194 1196 5
  Paul Lackey   1195 5
  Tim Blythe   1190 5
Eastern Chuck Rice 1049 1049 4
Dennis Wheeler   1036 4
  Greg Stevens   1033 5
Central River Mike Sullivan 893 893 5
Mark VanMeter   893 4
  Scot Butler   893 4
  Dwight Poynter   891 4
  Ken Kleman   885 4
  Dustin Poynter   742 4
Northern Adam Fugate 599 599 2
Dillon Rager   595 2

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2015 KBF Qualified for State Championship List

Names listed below in GREEN have already Paid the required Entry Fee

Names listed in Purple have indicated they will Pay at Registration

Names below in Orange type will not attend

Names in Black type have not notified KBF of their intentions of

YES or NO to attend

Qualified for 2015 KBF State Tournament

Tour ID Angler 1 Angler 2 Co Angler 1 Co Angler 2
2 Rodney Bridgman Larry Whiteman Rick Stringer None
3 Rick Kempton Paul Stone Mark VanMeter None
4 Kevin Brown Mike Stone Bobby Headrick Joshua Muse
5 Vernon Sowers Ronald Rowlett None None
6 Brian Hickey Terry Chastain Patrick Herman Paul Lackey
7 Scott Jones NONE Bob Wiles None
8 James Burns John Dixon Mike Tester Dwight Poynter
9 Johnny Cooper Pete Bayerle Dustin Poynter Dennis Wheeler
10 Mike Boggs Chad Rice Chuck Rice NONE
11 John Nevison Rodney Powell Mike Mayes NONE
12 Don Odor Darin Moxley Joey Von Hoene Adam Fugate
13 Earl Truman Joby Gossett Tom Ballowe NONE
14 Tim Hennemann Rusty Wilhoite Mike Sullivan Scott Butler
15 Ron Smith Mark Cooper Brian Bemis Tim Blythe
16 Kevin Newman Lonnie Jones Kalani Borges Tom Whittington
17 Mike Lemons Donnie Robinson NONE None
18 Bryan Snyder Karl Snyder None None
19 Steven Taylor Mark Wenger NONE None
20 Mike Williams David Stevens Dillon Rager Joshua Greene
21 Jerry Turner David Sullivan Barry Ward NONE
22 Mike McPherson Greg Hoskinson NONE NONE
23 Jay Holsapple NONE Greg Stevens NONE
24 Glenn Sageser None Tim Frohlich NONE
Note: The chart ABOVE shows 42 Anglers & 28 Co Anglers Qualified thru the 24 Divisional Events

Anglers & Co Anglers below Qualified via entering 4 or more Events: 

11 Anglers & 1 Co Angler fished 4 or more.

Total # for State Championship 

54   Anglers

28  Co Anglers 

Glenn Sageser qualified as boater & Co Angler:  he chooses to compete as Boater

82 Total Persons Qualified for KBF State Tournament

Michael Johnson 8 Ken Kleman 4
Gerald Smith 5 Hunter Harper  Jr Program
  Steven Wormley 4  Tray Hardwick  Jr Program
David Taylor 5 Trevor Windgassen  Jr Program
Gordon Summers 4  Bradley Dunagan  Jr Program
  Kenneth Davis 4    
  Wes Cole 4
David Sowers 4
Barry Smith 4    
  Michael Ryan Carter 4
Randy Findley 3 + buy in

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