Attention KBF membership

Ladies & Gentlemen,

“The Race is On”   After 15 completed events we now have several members that have competed in the required 4 events to Qualify for the KBF State Tournament on the weekend of August 19th & 20th.

To compete a member is Required to have competed in 4 or more events to Qualify.  There now are only 9 events left for you to reach your 4 Total.

Now comes the big Twist.  Keep in mind that in addition to the 6 Boaters & 6 Co Anglers that win their Division by Highest Points earned, the Top 10 Boaters & Top 10 Co Anglers will join the Divisional Winners and compete at the State Tournament for the Titles of Boater of the Year & Co Angler of the Year.   Keep in mind that the Top 10 spots aside from the Divisional Winners is not locked in.  Members that are fishing more events than the 4 in their Division are compiling points and when the Best 4 are calculated, you could be BEATEN.


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New KBF Youth Club “Bluegrass Bassmasters”

Bluegrass Bassmaster is a new youth Kentucky Bass Federation Club for anglers 11-15 years old from Hardin and Larue Counties. The club will participate in KBF tournaments, opens and the club is hoping to start a series of open tournaments on local lakes like Nolin, Rough, Green and Barren.

The club started April 2017 and interest in the local schools in growing. The club had a “Meet and Greet” tournament on a rainy day with temperatures below 50 degrees. The term “Meet and Greet” was used because the members thought it would be a good way to get to know each other since the members come from 2 different counties and 4 different schools.

We wanted to thank some of the club’s first sponsors such as Day’s Pro Bass in Wax, KY, Renegade Marine in Leitchfield, KY and Paul Davis Restoration in Elizabethtown. The desire to fish is amazing to see in youth at this age and if you can take a kid fishing.



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Eastern Division Tournament Change

Due to High Water on the MUDDY Ohio River the Garrison Event has been moved to Cave Run Lake at the Alfrey ramp for this coming Sunday. 

Any questions concerning the changes please contact:  

Michael Boggs 606-922-6862   Or

Chad Rice  606-232-1278

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