2015 KBF Tournament Results

4 events have now been completed. Results cannot be posted until the following requirements have been met 

Barren River Lake 4/26/2015…. we have not received results for the co anglers in this event.

Yatesville Lake 5/3/2015 9 memberships on this event have not been officially recorded as members. cannot post.

Ohio River Garrison 5/16/2015 9 memberships on this event have not been officially recorded as members. cannot post.

Ohio River Augusta 5/17/2015 1 membership on this event have not been officially recorded as member. cannot post.

Green River Lake 5/24/2015 Results should be sent later today. cannot post until I have all the above results.Standings and Results will be posted after all data is received and recorded and available for website Posting


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Other News:  the results for Tournament # 2 & Tournament # 4 have been posted.  The rescheduled Tournaments # 1 & # 5 were completed this past weekend and results should be to the admin sometime today (Monday 3/30/2015), and will be immediately posted upon arrival.

The # 3 Tournament was rescheduled for April 12, 2015

Steven Taylor has predicted that with the disappearance of

ICE-SNOW – & any additional weather changes

that the Tournament Schedule is now back to normal. 

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KBF 2014 State Championship

2014 KBF State Championship in Review

What an exciting and fun filled event! A record single day weight and an AOY race that went right down to the wire with only one point separating 1st and 2nd places in both the Angler and Co-Angler divisions.

 The festivities started out with a fabulous Banquet and Awards dinner. Many, many thanks to the great people in Taylor County and Campbellsville KY. A special thanks to Judge Executive Eddie Rogers for taking time out of his busy schedule to attend and speak at the banquet. (Hope no one had to use the “Get out of jail free card” he offered)

 But the biggest call out goes to Elisha Nelson, Executive Director of the Taylor County Tourist Commission. I contacted Elisha in January to let her know that we were coming to Campbellsville for the KBF State Championship and she did the rest. A couple of more emails to let her know the exact date, time and number of people attending then I sat back and let her go to work. She set up the banquet hall and supplied the buffet banquet meal. And what a meal it was. I have been to 18 or 20 of these banquets and I can’t remember having more or better food. It was all home cooking from the good people at Druthers there in town and was superb. If you are going through Campbellsville make sure you stop in, have dinner and thank them for the meal. I have never had so many fisherman come up to me after a banquet with high praises over a meal. This left a lasting impression on the fisherman that will pay off for Campbellsville in the future.

 Again, Thank You Elisha for a fantastic job!!!

 And now for the fishing details. I spent a lot of time on the water pre-fishing for this event and the bite was scattered and inconsistent. High muddy water early in the week then the Corps pulling the bottom out of it trying to get back to summer pool made for moving fish and changing patterns. I found deep fish then the water came up and they disappeared. I found fish in the back of a creek but they were 1 to 2 lbs which I did not think would be enough to make the State Team. After the water came up the fish did move shallow and I had a top water/blade bite that I thought would hold for the two day event. It did but just barely.

 Most of the guys at the Banquet commented about how tough the bite was and the overall feeling was that it wouldn’t take but 12 to 13 lbs to make the State Team on the boater side. Green River Lake has a history of producing some really good bags of fish and this event was a record setter. I drew Dillon Rager as my Co-Angler for the first day who is the 2014 High School State Champion. Dillon had elected to take the KBF up on our offer to fish in the adult State Championship. Now the pressure was on me to produce some fish for him at the adult level. Here is how it played out.

 The first morning started out with a prayer and playing of the National Anthem thanks to Donnie Keeton and his PA system. My first stop was in a series of flat pockets close to the channel. I had 3 keepers on top water, went to my second spot and had a 3.5 on top and then flipped up another 1.5 on plastic. Went to my third spot and saw Jerry Smith. He did not have a fish at it was 11:00. Dillon was fishless as well so now I had to go to my backup plan to find him some fish. We took off for the back of the creek where I had caught fish early in the week. He did not have a top water bait like I was throwing so I rigged one up for him and I threw a spinnerbait which left the door open for him. When I sat down in the creek I checked the water temp and my heart sank. 61.5 degrees. It was 68 when I caught them early in the week. Oh well, we are there so we decided to fish see what would happen.

 We started though the laying logs where I had most of my bites and nothing. I looked back at Dillon and said, “Hey, we jinxed ourselves.” The dip net was still draped over the butt seat. I ran back and laid it on the deck and told him, “Now catch one”. Two casts later his first 14″ fish bit. A few minutes later he had a 2.5, then another 15 minutes later and he had a 3. I had 2 real small ones that needed to go so I picked up my top water and culled with a 2 lber then he caught another keeper. And that’s the way we ended the day. We went down and fished some of my deep spots but didn’t have a bite. I ended the first day sitting in 5th place with 10.74 and Dillon was leading the Co-Angler side with 8.86. I told him to keep the top water bait and if his day 2 Angler was not on anything then I would leave the creek for him. About half way through the second day I was wondering if that decision was going to come back and haunt me. The Corps was dropping the water a foot per day so the shallow water bite was going to be challenging.

 At the weigh-in the first day it was about as I expected with 2 exceptions. David Taylor came in with a bag that tipped the scales at 21.36 lbs. The largest single day weight that I can recall in State Championship history. Jerry Smith was bumping fish and with 12lb plus in 2nd we thought David was going to run away with it. I took over the bump table and then Jerry brought his bag up. Man, what a shock! 23.30 lbs! At 11:00 when I left him he had caught one 8″ fish! He said he just kept moving and came up on a bank at 12:30 that was loaded with big fish, all on top water. By 2:30 he was culling 3 lbers. And it was dead in the middle of the two spots where I had caught my fish that morning.

 The second day event was a completely different day. On my first pass though my cuts with top water I came up empty. Did manage one 14″ fish flipping a tree with plastic. Went to my second spot with top water with same results. Switched to a spinnerbait and caught two decent fish. Finally late in the day I went to a spotted bass wall and caught a keeper on a shaky head. I ended up with 4 that weighed 6.63 and slid into 7th place but still enough to make the State Team. Jerry Smith had only one fish that weighed 1.02 and David Taylor also caught one fish that weighed 1.12 lbs. But both maintained their 1st and 2nd place positions after two days with Jerry Smith being crowned the 2014 KBF State Champion. On the Co-Angler side Michael Tester won the event on the back of a 6.36lb bruiser while Dillon Rager caught 3.34 and finished in second place. Congrats to Dillon for making the State Team on his first try. He comes in at the ripe old age of 16!!!

 The Angler of Year race was a wild one. The KBF Board changed the points program this year and added each day of the State Championship with points as if they were two more tournaments. So we took your points from your top 4 events of the year then gave 300 to first place on day 1 and 300 for first place for day 2 going down the list of fisherman in their respective order of finish. Going into the event I was tied with Brian Hickey with 1191 points and we estimated we were about 3 or 4 points from the top. After day 1 Brian was leading and was ahead of me by 2 points so I really didn’t think I had much of a chance going up against him. At the day two weigh-in the finals had me in 7th place and Brian in 8th so we both assumed that I picked up one point. That would still have Brian in the lead by one. What we didn’t take into account is that you accrue points based upon your finish of that day and not where you end up on the State Team. There were several fisherman who finished between Brain and myself on the second day so it really played havoc on Tom Whittington to figure it out.

 When the final tally came in I had won the 2014 KBF Angler of the Year with 1777 points. David Sowers and Rusty Willhoite were tied for second with 1776 points. It doesn’t get much closer than that. This is my 3rd AOY title and was completely unexpected.

 On the Co-Angler side it was much the same. Jerry Turner won with 1782 points and Patrick Herman was second with 1781. This change in points format led to a lot of excitement in the final two days and it seems that everyone really likes the program.

 Thanks again to everyone who participated in the 2014 KBF Events, the KBF Directors and Officers.

 Congratulations to the 2015 KBF State Team. I look forward to fishing with you guys on Lake Norman in NC in June.

 Steven Taylor


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2015 KBF Membership are NOW due for the New Year


Club admins can begin collecting Membership Dues for Club Members and Submitting the rosters for the calendar Year of 2015 to TBF.  This will help Members that want to compete in the early BFL events and want to beat rush and make use of the Early Bird registration.  Reminder: Memberships for early events need to be on a Club Roster w/6 or more memberships in order to be processed at National Headquarters.

KBF has been receiving calls from Kentucky residents who may be interested in joining the Federation and receive their membership along with FLW memberships that need to pay up early to be eligible to register for BFL events via the Early Bird signup.

KBF has decided to work with these ladies and gentlemen to recruit new members.  A new membership form has been created for this purpose.

Should you not have a home club in your area, you can join the KBF Statewide Bass Club.  Some members indicate they would like to sign up a NEW membership and be able to join a specific Club in their area.

The NEW Form allows you to indicate the name of club you prefer to join. You are required to PAY the required Club Dues separately to your specified Club to be listed as a ACTIVE member.

Please keep in mind that SINGLE Memberships will NOT be processed UNTIL your selected Club has submitted the 6 person Requirements.

KBF logo  Button   

Click KBF logo above to goto Membership Online Payment Form

TBF National Dues are $50.00 per Member and include the following: 

National Dues includes ONLY your TBF & FLW Membership

Sign up now for KBF, TBF, & FLW for the low price of $65.00 for all 3

* KBF Membership $15.00 ( Good for all KBF Divisional Qualifiers, KBF State Championship & KBF Sanctioned Tournaments ) When joining through the KBF all of these Memberships are included for the $50.00 National Membership FEE.

* TBF Membership $15.00 ( Good for all TBF Divisional Tournaments, TBF National Tournaments, & TBF Sanctioned Tournaments )

Special FLW Competitor Membership Only $35.00 when joining through the TBF.  ( Good for all FLW, BFL, Rayovac & College Fishing Tournaments )

A New Twist Youth Adult MembersKBF is conducting 4 Qualifying Events for 16/18 Year Old High School Age Youth that are members of the Adult Program.  These 4 events will be held in conjunction with the 4 Youth Tournaments.   16 -18 Members who Qualify at these 4 events will be eligible for the Adults State Tournament as a Co Angler only.  These members also have the Option of competing in the Regular Adults events.

NOTE of IMPORTANTANCE:  Club Membership Dues for Individual Clubs IS NOT INCLUDED in the$50.00 amount. YOU must check with Club that you intend to join to meet the Individual Club Dues Required. 

* KBF Youth Membership For 11/15 Age Group and the High School SAF Programs are both separate STAND ALONE programs and require separate Membership Fees:  (see breakdown shown below)

 Youth Membership for 11/15 Age Group    $35.00   ($10.00 State Dues + $25.00 National Dues)

High Scool SAF Membership Fees    $25.00

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KBF State Championship on Green River Lake

There have been 51 Anglers and 30 Co Anglers now qualified to compete in the KBF State Championship.

KBF has now posted a link on the Message Board where you can click the link and fill out your entry form and pay via PLASTIC for a first time adventure.

KBF Secretary/Treasurer Tom Whittington has prepared a Letter to Anglers & Co Anglers about the upcoming Event.   Letters are being mailed, however should you not receive your copy via snail mail, you can click the link below to view your letter.

KBF 2014 Angler State Tournament Info Letter

KBF 2014 Co-Angler State Tournament Info Letter

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Open Team Tournament * $5000 Guaranteed 1st Place *


Carrollton logo

Carrollton’s Two Rivers Bass Tournament

October 11th 7AM-4PM & 12th 7AM-3PM

At Point Park in Carrollton, Kentucky

$5,000 Guaranteed 1st Place

$150 Entry Fee Per Team

90 % Payback

Big Bass Payout $250.00 ea Day

Compliments of Wieda’s Marine

Visit Carrollton/Carroll County Tourism


KBF logoFederation  http://visitcarrolltonky.com 

for additional details, Rules, & Entry Forms

  TBF logo Fish






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Cabela’s Announces Plans for Bowling Green, Ky., Cabela’s Outpost Store

CabelasCabela’s Incorporated (NYSE:CAB), the World’s Foremost Outfitter of hunting, fishing and outdoor gear, announced today plans to open a 42,000-square-foot Cabela’s Outpost store in Bowling Green, Ky.

The store will be Cabela’s second in Kentucky – joining the Louisville location – and is scheduled to open in the fall of 2014. It will be located at the intersection of Scottsdale Road and Ken Bale Boulevard near Sam’s Club. Read the rest of this entry »

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2013 KBF State Championship at Lake Cumberland in Review

2013 KBF State Championship at Lake Cumberland in Review

by Steven Taylor

The festivities started out with a great Awards Banquet at The Aspire Center Sponsored in part by Wayne County & Judge Executive Greg Rankin, Conley Bottom Resort, Lake Cumberland Pro Bass/Greg, and Eagle One Boat Wax/Jason Abney. The High School Fishing Team from Wayne County assisted in preparing the Banquet and there was an abundance of food for everyone.

Awards were handed out for points winners of the 4 divisions and the qualifiers for the Angler of the Year competition were announced as well. Jr Keown, one of my salesman, had his name drawn out for the Lowrance HDS8 raffle that was put on to raise funds for the purchase of the new weigh-in scales for each division. Thanks to everyone for their participation.

Saturday morning started off cloudy and cold and my fish were not biting. I had located some shallow fish but most were 12′ to 20′ deep in log jams.  In hindsight the several days of cloud cover had moved the fish shallow and I did not adjust. I finally moved shallow late in the morning to the back of a pocket and managed to catch a keeper black on top water. What I failed to realize is that the fish were there I just had to stay with them to get them to bite.

At the weigh in on the first day it was obvious that several competitors had found the shallow fish and they were biting. Karou O’Bryan led the way with a limit of blacks that tipped the scales at 12.42 lbs followed by Wes Cole with 9.65 lbs and Scott Jones with 9.39 lbs. The 7th place cut was 6.32 so even with my measly 1.91 lbs I was still in the hunt. Karou had told me on Friday night that he was catching them on a buzzbait in the backs of the creeks but I hate listening to “Dock Talk” so I refused to adjust. My hardheadedness would prove to be my downfall.

Sunday we arrived at the ramp to fog so thick you could wave it with your hand. After a 2 1/2 hour delay John Dixon, KBF President started letting us go at 10:00. We were due in at 4 and with the run I was making it was going to be a short day.

I started in the pocket where I caught my keeper the day before and immediately had two fish roll on my white buzzbait but would not eat it. Switched to my black one and had a keeper on my second cast. After 30 minutes with no bites and the sun shining bright I switched to plastic on a hump. The first bush I flipped I lost a good one. Next cast to the open area between bushes I lost another keeper that I saw. After that I started letting them run for 4 or 5 feet before setting the hook and did not lose any more. Had two more keepers and 15 or 20 shorts in the next 2 hours.

My intent was to stay in that area for the rest of the day after catching those 3 keepers. Bass were still busting shad every now and then so I knew they were there. Don Thomlinson came in and I saw him catch two line burners that did not make the 15″ limit on a swim jig but my hard head would not change up and duplicate what he was doing. I got impatient and left to fish my deep logs. No bites. Don caught two more keepers in there and made the State Team. I managed to have the 3rd highest weight for the second day but needed another 1.5 lbs to make the State Team.

Karou only had one keeper the second day but it was enough to take top honors in the event, his first every KBF win. Great job of figuring out the fish Bud. Brian Hickey, who had just two fish the first day, came in with 4 on day 2 that tipped the scales at 8.52lbs moving him into second place overall and the Angler of the Year crown. Brian is also our 2014 KBF representative for the TBF Nationals in April. Brian is on a roll to say the least.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our Sponsors for the 2013 year and, most importantly, the 2013 State Championship. The good people of Monticello KY were gracious hosts and I really look forward to going back again.

Congratulations to all the 2014 KBF State Team members.
I would love to be fishing Neely Henry [June 1 thru June 6, 2014] with you guys in June but the cards did not fall that way. When you get down there any of you that can take a day and get in the boat with Brian or Karou. It will be a free guide trip and you will learn more in a day with either of these guys than you can imagine.  Enjoy the trip

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2013 TBF JWC

     August 15-17, 2013.

The TBF held the Junior World Championship on Caddo Lake in Shreveport, LA.  This was an unbelievable event for 78 anglers from 39 states across the nation.  Caddo Lake was quite a different lake and many anglers commented that they had never seen Cyprus trees and fields of lilly pads.  The lake had a very different slot limit in which all fish between 14-18 inches had to be released.  So many anglers were trying to catch fish between 12-14 inches or over 18 inches.

Kentucky’s two representatives were Hunter Young of Northern Kentucky in the 11-14 age group and Cade Waldrop of Glascow in the 15-18 age group.  Both anglers reported releasing 17 1/2″ fish weighing 3 pounds.  Although neither Hunter nor Cade advanced to the divisional finals, both put forth the effort that a state champion would have been expected. Kentucky was well represented.

The TBF, along with the FLW again put on a wonderful event.  The organization was outstanding and along with hundreds of parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends looking on, all had to be very impressed with the tournament and proud of all the anglers.  This is the only event of it’s kind left where a youth angler can have the stage for themselves and a sense of accomplishment.  Hopefully, in the future, this event will grow even more in popularity.


Gerald Smith

KBF Youth Director

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KBF lands Denali Rods as New Rod Sponsor


Denali Rods wants to be the Kentucky TBF’s rod of choice and we would like to offer you the following sponsorship package for 2013.

TBF members would receive a 25% discount on all our rods.  For every 5 rods sold to your membership, Denali will kick in one free Jadewood  rod to be donated to the KBF for raffles, prizes, giveaway, state team  etc.

Members will be given a discount code exclusive to their organization to use when placing orders, which can be placed online at www.denalirods.com. Denali will be able to track the club’s sales with the given code. Regular shipping rates apply.

Members wishing to place a Order for new Rods, should contact President John Dixon or Sec/Treas Tom Whittington for the Discount Code before placing order.



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