2017 KBF Championship & 2017 TBF National Semi-Final district #3

Record Payouts at both the 2017 KBF State Championship and 2017 TBF Semi Finals!!

The 2017 KBF State Championship saw record payouts for the highest finishing participants. The overall payout in cash and prizes topped $26,735. Not bad for an entry fee of $85.00 or $60.00 Angler–Co Angler respectively.

On top of that the TBF Semi-Finals between KY and TN paid out $28,680.00 in total cash and prizes for 2017. The payout at the TBF Nationals held recently exceeded $350,000.00 and the projections are that the TBF Nationals payout will exceed $500,000.00 within 3 years!

The TBF is by far the most lucrative amateur bass fishing circuit in the US.
So, if you haven’t fished or paid for 4 events in 2018, what are you waiting for? There are still plenty of opportunities to join in and win your part of the more than $400,000.00 in cash and prizes previously awarded in the 3 events mentioned above.

Join us and see what all the excitement is about.

The KBF/TBF. Stronger together.


submitted by Steven Taylor   KBF Board Member

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