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KBF State Team Opportunities

Kentucky Bass Federation, Inc

State Team Member Opportunities

  All KBF members have the opportunity to compete in KBF Qualifying Regional Tournaments for the opportunity to qualify for the KBF State Championship at years end.   The Federation recently changed the format to offer qualifying events to eliminate members from having to travel all over the state in order to qualify.  Each Region is now hosting 4 Qualifying events , continue reading below to see how the field for the KBF State Tournament is derived.   The board has decided to allow 1 tournament to be bought and to count toward the 4 tournaments required to be able to fish in the State Championship but they will get no points for buying that tournament.

*       At all 16 Regional Tournaments 1st and 2nd place in points due to total fish weights in both the Angler and Co-Angler divisions will qualify for the State Championship. If the 1st and 2nd place finishers in both Angler and Co-Angler have already qualified we will move down the list to the next Angler or Co-Angler that hasn’t qualified yet.
*       Anglers and Co-Anglers who have not qualified at one of the Regional Tournaments and has fished in a total of 4 Regional Tournaments derived from any of the 16 Regional Tournaments available for a total 4, one of which may be bought will be eligible to fish in the State Championship.
*      At the end of the year the overall 1st place winners for each Region in both the Angler and Co-Angler categories are determined by fishing all 4 tournaments within that Region and finishing with the most points accumulated by fish weights. (A Tournament that is bought and not fished will not be eligible for Regional 1st Place winners).

 Angler of the Year        Co Angler of the Year  

At the State Championship the Angler and Co-Angler of the year Tournament will be held in conjunction with the State Championship. To qualify for this tournament the Top 10 Anglers and Top 10 Co-Anglers with the overall point totals for the entire year will qualify.    Also the 4 High Point Anglers &  4 High Point Co Anglers that competes in 4 events in his/her Home Region will also Qualify for the Angler/Co Angler of the Year Tournament.    You may fish as many of the 16 Regional Tournaments available and acquire points from each one to count towards your total points
 (A Tournament that is bought and not fished will not accumulate any points towards the top 10 finishers in each category).

At the State Tournament on the final Day the Top 6 Anglers will be named as Boaters for the upcoming years KBF State Team. The Top 6 Co Anglers will be named as Non Boaters for the upcoming years Team.   The 7th Place Angler at the State Tournament will be named the 1st Alternate for the new Team.  The President and Conservation Director is automatically named as the 2nd Alternate and 3rd Alternate respectfully.

Kentucky is located in the TBF Southern Division and will compete in June as a TEAM in the TBF Southern Divisional Championship.  This tournament rotates from state to state among the 7 States in the Southern Division.  The order of Rotation is : Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, & Tennessee.

TBF, Inc. invites the State President to attend the Southern Divisional Championship and bring his/her 12 person Team w/one Alternate.  How the States select their States’ State Team is solely the responsibility of each State.  TBF also invites the President & Conseration Director as the 2nd & 3rd Alternates. The 7 States compete in a Team Tournament with the total weight of each Team Member totaled together for a total team weight.  At the completion of 3 tournament days the Teams will be awarded Prize Money according to their Place of Finish.  At Present in the Southern Division all States receive a paycheck. Each state sets the method of how the winnings is distributed to Team Members.

The Top 2 Contestants from each State earns the priviledge of moving onto the TBF Federation National Championship that will be held the following Spring.  The Top Angler from each state will go to the Nationals as a Angler, and the 2nd Place finisher from each state will attend the Nationals as a Co Angler.

At the Nationals, the Top Angler and Top Co Angler from each Division  (6 Divisions) will earn a berth at the FLW All American.  The Overall winning Angler & Co Angler at the National Championship also earn a berth at the FLW Cup Championship.

At the conclusion of the National Championship, the overall winning Angler will be crowned as the TBF Living the Dream winner.  This Package in Cash & Prizes alone exceeds $100,000.00.   The LTD Angler receives the use of a fully wrapped Chevy and a fully wrapped Ranger Boat for 1 full year. His/Her Entry fees to the FLW Tour, Travel Stipend for the time on Tour, and some Cash paid at the Championship.


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