KYFW Brood Stock Program

Trophy Bass Propagation Program Restarts

Department seeks angler donations of big bass for broodstock


FRANKFORT, Ky. (Oct. 7, 2016) — Now that water temperatures are settling downward for the fall, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is resuming its trophy bass propagation program.

kyfw-stocking-program-big-bass-002The program only accepts trophy-sized largemouth bass from anglers. In return, anglers receive a free replica mount of the fish. Bass accepted for the program are used as broodstock to grow a new generation of large fish.

“By pairing male and female largemouth bass that have already shown the ability to grow to larger-than-average size, we hope to produce offspring with the same genetic growth potential,” said Jeff Ross, assistant director of fisheries at Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. “Stocking these offspring across the state could provide anglers a better chance at catching a memorable fish or even a new state record.”

The program launched in spring 2016. Department officials shut down the program for the summer because higher temperatures are stressful for fish being transported to hatcheries.

This fall, the department will accept largemouth bass exceeding 7 pounds. In spring, when fish are preparing to spawn, the department will accept male largemouth bass weighing more than 6 pounds and female largemouth bass weighing more than 8 pounds. The swollen bellies of egg-laden fish make it easier to separate the males from female bass in the spring.

Anglers donated four trophy bass in the spring. Unfortunately, only one was caught early enough for the hatchery spawn it. Offspring from that fish will be stocked in Fishpond and Greenbo lakes, where the adult trophy fish were caught. Trophy bass offspring will eventually be stocked at lakes across the state.

For more information about how to donate fish to the program, visit the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife website at and search under the keywords, “trophy bass.”

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KBF State Championship

Complete standings after the completion of 2 days of the KBF State Tournament have been calculated and posted on the Tournament section of the website.

check the chart for color coded description of whom will be invited to the Semi Final District # 3.

The top 8 Boaters qualified for the Boater division + the Top 4 Co Anglers from the Co Angler division.

The above 12 will be joined with the next 14 Co Anglers from the Co Angler List.

From the Boater List positions #1 thru # 29 will represent KBF at the Semi Finals as Boaters.

Boaters #30 thru #40 MUST move over and register as Co Anglers. (if you as a boater turn down your spot the next available person will be invited.

To view the complete results…………………… Click here

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2016 KBF State Championship

KY Bass Federation State Championship

September 17-18, 2016

Am I Qualified to compete at the KBF State Tournament?  

Boaters  Click here                    Co Anglers Click here

Pay Entry Fee online Now!   Click here 


(after 9/14/2016 you MUST pay at Registration)

Clubs Eligible to send Clubs Top 2 to the TBF Semi-Finals 

Click Here

(All Clubs are REQUIRED to submit their Top 2 on/before 9/20/2016)

submit to    Tom Whittington   or    Donnie Keeton

KY Bass Federation President:                                                  

John Dixon-270-590-2902

State Tournament Host

Lake Barkley Tourism

Debi Dodd, Director

270-388-5300 or 270-625-8540

Host Motel:

Days Inn Kuttawa

139 Days Inn Drive

PO Box 218, Kuttawa, KY 42055


1st floor double rooms – $67.49

2nd floor double rooms- $62.99

Breakfast served at 5am

Restaurants/Things to Do:

Body of water:

KY and Barkley Lakes

Launch Location:

Kuttawa/ Lyon County

Boat Ramp

Lake Drive

Kuttawa, KY 42055

Creel & length limits

5 fish per angler, 15”

TN smallmouth 18”

Tournament Waters:

Locking Not Permitted – The tournament waters for this event shall be Barkley and Kentucky Lake.   Any waters posted Off-Limits or No Fishing by State or Federal Agencies will be Off-Limits.  Any live-bass-release areas established by the Tournament Director will be Off-Limits as well as any other areas announced at the pre-tournament briefing.  Only that water open to ALL public fishing will be considered tournament waters. Any waters closed to public fishing will be closed to this tournament’s contestants.

Official Dates and Times:

September 17, 2016   7:00 am to 3:00 pm

September 18, 2016   7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Legacy Marine  Big Fish  $250

(paid to big Bass of the Tournament)


Friday September 16th 5:00 – 6:00 pm

United Methodist Church

214 Jenkins Road

Eddyville, KY  42055

Banquet & Rules Briefing:

United Methodist Church

214 Jenkins Road

Eddyville, KY 42038

Dinner 6:15 pm

Rules and pairings immediately following dinner

Fishing License

All anglers must have a valid Kentucky Fishing License in their possession covering the dates of the event.  A Tennessee Fishing License may be needed.

LBL Directors:

Mark Cooper –  859-608-1469

Tom Ballowe – 270-519-7251





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Do you want a Replica of your Big Bass !

How About a FREE replica of your trophy Bass !!!

Kentucky Fisheries has begun a program to add trophy sized males (6+ lbs) and females (8+ lbs)to the current native broodstock in the hatchery. This is expected to produce offspring that have the potential to grow to trophy size in the Kentucky waters that the Department routinely stocks every year.

“The reason is simple: Big bass produce big bass. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife wants anglers to donate their live trophy bass so the department’s hatcheries can use them to produce new generations of oversized fish. In return, anglers will receive a replica mount of their bass.

“I wanted to figure out how we could do a better job of propagating larger bass in Kentucky,” said department Fisheries Director Ron Brooks. “So this kind of program just makes sense. People have been breeding animals forever to optimize the size of the animal, so why not do this with largemouth bass?”

They expect that there will not be many bass caught in these weight ranges and would be happy to see 8 or more. That will be enough to produce tens of thousands of fingerlings. Over the years, the hatchery production will shift towards fingerlings with propensity to grow big.

Here’s how it works. Assistant director Jeff Ross has contacted the licensed bait dealers throughout the state and created a list of bait shops that will receive the fish. To these, add the district offices and the hatcheries.

This link is to the list on their website.

Before you go fishing, check the list for the nearest drop-off, just in case. If you’re not near one of the drop offs, they have established a cell phone to call that is manned by someone all the time, 270-977-3813.

An explanation of the entire program is here.

Remember to practice good fish care (aeration, ice, salt, don’t overcrowd) and get the fish to the drop-off quickly.

Your reward will be a replica of your catch!!


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