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TBF National Semi-Final District # 3

TBF National Semi-Finals District 3 KY/TN

Point Park Carrollton, KY

October 14th, 15th, & 16th, 2016

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Driving Direction from Tennessee   

For the 1st two years of the New Format, Kentucky and Tennessee will be paired together making up what TBF will consider District # 3 of the TBF National Semi-Finals. For 2016, Kentucky will be the Host State. In 2017, Tennessee will be the Host State.

The 2016 Semi-Final Date has been scheduled for October 15th & 16th, 2016. The Tournament will be held in Carrollton Ky on the Ohio River.

Takeoff and Weighin will be at the Point Park facilities in downtown Carrollton.  Registration and Banquet will be at the National Guard Amory on Hwy 227 adjacent to Herb Kinman Chevrolet.

Detailed Description of TBF New Format Footprint

Determining the Level of State’s Participation in the Semi-Finals & National Championship:

  1. Key to the new TBF format is the Total number of paid Federation Member entries at the State sanctioned tournaments held in each calendar year. This can include Championship Qualifying tournaments and the State Championship, plus all sponsored open tournaments and even youth tournaments. Only Federation Member entries are counted.
  2. To calculate the number of participants at the Semi-finals from each state, the number of entries at sanctioned tournaments will be multiplied by 10%. Any fraction in this result will be rounded up to the next even whole number. The roundup must be to an even number since the number of anglers sent to the Semi-finals must be the same as the co-anglers. (For example: 481 paid entries times 10% is 48.1 which rounds up to 50, 500 yields 50, but 501 will be 50.1 which rounds up to 52.) To this will be added the 2 Top Sticks from Clubs that meet State Federation’s required Guidelines. (See below).

2016 IS A TRANSITIONAL YEAR. It will include a continuation of the old Divisional format by conducting the Divisional competitions using the 2016 state teams (determined at state championships in 2015) to determine state champions that advance to the National Championship.

2016 will also include the new Semi-final format to determine additional state champions to advance to the National Championship.

The 2016 Divisional champions and the 2016 Semi-final champions will compete against each other before the National Championship begins in 2017.

At the 2017 National Championship each state will send the two state champions (1 angler and 1 co-angler) determined at the 7 Divisional Championships held in 2016, PLUS two or more state champions {1 or more angler(s) and 1 or more co-angler(s) } from each of the 23 Semi-finals held in 2016. At the National Championship in April 2017, the four (or more) state champions will FIRST fish against each other on Monday and Tuesday (anglers against anglers, co-anglers against co-anglers) to determine which two advance for the state to the National Championship held the final 3 days.


Each state will send a group to its respective Semi-Final Tournament. This group is comprised of 10% of the total number of paid Federation Member participants at the sanctioned tournaments during 2016, but not less than 12. In addition, each State can send from each club of 6 or more federation members, its top 2 additional contestants (1 angler and 1 co-angler) that have both met the state’s rules established by each individual state. (For instance, both additional contestants from a Kentucky club will be required to have accumulated a minimum of 301 points in qualifying events and have fished the State Championship Tournament.)

For the Semi-final, the state will designate which contestants are Anglers, and which are Co-Anglers. The number of Anglers must be the same as the number of Co-Anglers.

It is likely that one State will have more Anglers & Co-Anglers than the other State. In this situation the unpaired contestants will be randomly paired among that State’s Anglers & Co-Anglers.

State competitors that advance to National Championship:

  • Top Overall Angler and Top Overall Co-Angler from each respective State at the Semi-final will advance on to the National Championship.
  • If a state had 981 to 1480 paid entries at state events during 2016 (meaning that the state sent 100 participants to the Semi-final), it will advance an additional angler and co-angler to the National Championship (then have 2 anglers and 2 co-anglers). Additional anglers and co-anglers from each state are added for each 500 paid entries above 981 (i.e., 1481, 1981, etc.).
  • At each Semi-final, should the top Co-Angler’s weight be larger than the top Angler’s weight, the Co-Angler may choose to go to the National Championship as an Angler along with the top Angler. In that case, the next two co-anglers will advance to the National Championship as co-anglers.
  • These  state Anglers and Co-Anglers will compete on Monday and Tuesday at the National Championship to determine which angler and co-angler from that state will compete in the National Championship for that state.

At each Semi-final, each state will designate a Top 8, comprised of 4 Anglers and 4 Co-Anglers that will compete as a Top 8 against opposing state’s Top 8. The Top 8 designated contestants with the highest cumulative weight of fish for the two days of competition caught at the Semi-Final will be the State Pride Champions for that year, and win Bragging Rights & the Bonus Payout Package (Package will consist of Sponsor Product and Cash)  [Each State MUST designate their Top 8 before the start of the Semi-Final begins].

At the Semi-final, the ANGLERS from all competing states will compete against each other to determine the Overall Place Winners. Place Payouts will be paid to 20% of the field.

Also the CO-ANGLERS from all competing states will compete against each other to determine the Overall Place Winners. Place Payouts will be paid to 20% of the field.

The FEDERATION NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP will begin with practice on Saturday and Sunday. Monday and Tuesday will be competition days for states sending more than 1 angler and more than 1 co-angler to determine who will advance. Each state’s top angler weight and top co-angler weight for the two days will advance to the National Championship competition. For states sending only 1 angler and 1 co-angler, Monday and Tuesday will be additional practice days.

The states top anglers and co-anglers will be randomly paired to practice on Wednesday fishing in an assigned Ranger boat, and fish with the same partner on the next day (Thursday). On Friday, the anglers and co-anglers will again be randomly paired.

Thursday and Friday are competition days with the top cumulative angler’s and co-angler’s weights from each Division advancing (7 divisions based on original Federation Divisions). The top angler and co-angler from each Division (7 anglers and 7 co-anglers) will compete on Saturday for the national championship title. Pairings on the final day will be by order of cumulative weights for the first two days (highest angler to highest co-angler, etc.).

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TBF National Semi District 3

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