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2017 Tournament Schedule

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2017 KBF Tournament Schedule
Tour IDDivDateDayLakeRampTimeResults
1Sou Central3/4/2017SatCumberlandHalcombs7:00-3:00 ETResults
2Central3/12/2017SunGreen River St Park7:30-3:30 ETResults
3Sou Central3/25/2017SatDale HollowSt Park6:30-2:00 CTResults
4Eastern3/26/2017SunDewey LakeMarina ramp7:00-3:00 ETResults
5LBL3/26/2017SunBarkley LakeKuttawa ramp7:00-3:00 CT Results
6Central4/2/2017SunBarren RiverPort Oliver6:00 – 3:00 CTResults
7Sou Central4/22/2017SatDale HollowSt Park6:00-2:00 CT 
8Eastern4/23/2017SunCave RunWarix ramp7:00-3:00 ET 
9Northern4/23/2017SunOhio RiverBig Bone6:30-3:00 ET 
10Eastern5/7/2017SunOhio RiverGarrison7:00-3:00 ET 
11Northern5/7/2017SunOhio RiverBig Bone6:15-3:00 ET 
12Central5/14/2017SunBarren RiverPort Oliver6:00 – 3:00 CT 
13LBL5/14/2017SunBarkley LakeKuttawa ramp6:30-2:30 CT 
14Central River5/20/2017SatOhio RiverCraigs Creek7:00-3:00 ET 
15Sou Central5/20/2017SatCumberlandBurnside6:00-2:00ET 
16Northern5/21/2017SunOhio RiverAugusta6:00-2:30 ET 
17Central6/4/2017SunGreen River St ParkSafe Light- 3:00 ET 
18LBL6/4/2017SunBarkley LakeKuttawa ramp6:00-2:30 CT 
19Central River6/17/2017SatOhio RiverPoint Park7:00-3:00 ET 
20Eastern6/11/2017SunOhio RiverGreenup 7:00-3:00 ET 
21Northern6/25/2017SunOhio RiverBig Bone6:00-2:30 ET 
22Central River7/9/2017SunOhio RiverCraigs Creek6:30-3:30 ET 
23LBL7/9/2017SunBarkley LakeKuttawa ramp6:00-2:30 CT 
24Central River8/6/2017SunOhio RiverCraigs Creek6:30-3:30 ET 

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 KBF State Tournament  Green River Lake  Ramp #1 August 19th & 20th
Day 1 Results  |  Day 2 Results  |  Day 2 day Total Results
TBF National Semi Finals District # 3  KY-TN  Oct. 21 & 22 KY Lake Paris Landing 
 Day 1 Overall Results  |  Day 1  Results by State  |  Day 1 Top 4 Results
Day 2 Overall Results  |  Day 2 Results by State  |  Day 2 Top 4 Results
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Central Div: Steven Taylor, Greg Stevens, Gerald Smith
Central River Div: Mike Sullivan, Mark Cooper, Tim Blythe, Greg Hoskinson
Eastern:  Chad Rice, Michael Boggs
LBL Div: Tom Ballowe, Jay Holsapple, Gordon Summers
Northern Div: Karl Snyder, Mike McPherson
Sou Central Div: Rodney Bridgman, Scott Burns, Johnny Cooper

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