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2005 KBF State Tournament day 1 results

KBF State Tournament
Kentucky  B.A.S.S.    Federation
Yatesville Lake (DAY 1)
PlaceNameClubOwners GroupOwnerFishWghtPnltyB/FTotal
1Brad TaylorLouisa Bass Club-65014/48.918.91
2Kenneth C RiceHappy Hookers Bass Club-20243/35.455.45
3James Russell HosickLittle River Bassmasters-69422/25.343.175.34
4Bill LowenThe Outcasts-75272/25.035.03
5Tom WhilesKincaid Bassmasters-66991/14.914.914.91
6William Lowther, PresidentMid State Bassmasters-5707Y2/24.894.89
7Rick StanifordEast Ky Bass-7873Y2/24.874.87
8Brian IrelandHarrod’s Creek Bassmasters-86001/14.874.874.87
9Ronald RowlettPulaski Co Bass Anglers-8941Y1/14.854.854.85
10Ricky A Brown IILouisa Bass Club-65012/24.454.45
11Mark Wenger, PresidentBank Busters -91101/13.853.853.85
12Randy OwsleyLouisa Bass Club-6501Y1/13.693.693.69
13George LeffelFranklin Co Bass Club -8754Y1/13.513.513.51
14David Taylor, PresidentFish Hedz Bass Club1/13.443.443.44
15Gary NelsonLouisa Bass Club-6501Y2/23.373.37
16Chuck RiceGreenup Co Bass Club-91212/23.363.36
17Richard JordanFrostbite Bassmasters-84341/
18James K FreemanGrayson Co Bass Club-73532/23.273.27
19Michael Scott DiscepoliTeam Buckeye-79822/23.183.18
20Dan BruningGuist Creek Bassmasters-81741/12.592.592.59
21William BrownNorthern Ky Bass Club-87521/12.482.482.48
22John ShelburneBank Busters -91101/
23Michael Ray Tester, PresidentHandy’s Bend Bass Club-7890Y1/
24Johnny C Roth IVRodbusters Bass Club-73581/
Les UnderwoodBottomline Bassmasters-85721/
26Larry GaultTeam Buckeye-79821/11.991.991.99
27Dan DarrellKincaid Bassmasters-66991/11.921.921.92
28Gerald SmithMid State Bassmasters-5707Y1/11.671.671.67
29Michae Rl JohnsonPulaski Co Bass Anglers-89411/11.661.661.66
30Roger WaltersWebster Co Bassmasters-3514Y1/11.651.651.65
Kenneth RoweLittle Sandy Bass Club-87511/11.651.651.65
32James S. Burns, PresidentPulaski Co Bass Anglers-89411/11.611.611.61
33Daryl KazeeRiver Valley Bass Anglers-76561/11.791.001.790.79
34Alan JohnsonBank Busters -91100/000
Steven Taylor, PresidentBardstown Bassmasters-5760Y0/000
Steve HaysleyBardstown Bassmasters-57600/000
Heath MartinBardstown Bassmasters-5760Y0/000
Herbie BooherBluegrass Bass Club-91350/000
Tim BlytheBottomline Bassmasters-85720/000
Craig E Obermeier, PresidentBottomline Bassmasters-8572YY0/000
Timothy LanhamBottomline Bassmasters-85720/000
Randy Lynn WhiteBottomline Bassmasters-85720/000
Earl T MainesCentral Ky Bassmasters-9265Y0/000
Brian RhineheimerCentral Ky Bassmasters-92650/000
Keith Simmons, PresidentEast Ky Bass-7873YY0/000
Kraig Grayson, SecretaryEast Ky Bass-7873Y0/000
Don NewmanEast Ky Bass-78730/000
Greg MarshallElkhorn Bassmasters-37840/000
Karl SchreiberElkhorn Bassmasters-37840/000
Gregory HoskinsonFish Hedz Bass Club0/000
Bill JanesFish Hedz Bass Club0/000
Charlie WaughFish Hedz Bass Club0/000
Jason JamesFive Alive Bass Anglers-87530/000
Floyd WillisFive Alive Bass Anglers-87530/000
Richard OdomFrankfort Bassmasters-58260/000
Mark SpeagleGallatin Co Bass Club-71300/000
Jerry L. TurnerGallatin Co Bass Club-71300/000
James Dean FavoriteGreen River Bassmasters-89420/000
Donald EllisGuist Creek Bassmasters-8174Y0/000
John ArmstrongGuist Creek Bassmasters-81740/000
Shane NetheryGuist Creek Bassmasters-81740/000
Mark CooperGuist Creek Bassmasters-8174Y0/000
Bill NetheryGuist Creek Bassmasters-81740/000
Kelly ArmstrongGuist Creek Bassmasters-81740/000
Eric SandersHandy’s Bend Bass Club-78900/000
John Smallwood, PresidentHappy Hookers Bass Club-20240/000
Jack ShuckHarrod’s Creek Bassmasters-86000/000
Nick ShortHopkins Co Bass Club-39360/000
Donald Collins, PresidentJohns Creek Bassmasters-91130/000
Don W. OdorKincaid Bassmasters-66990/000
Terry L CarterLakeway Bass Hunters-82240/000
Kerry ElliotLicking River Bass Club-91110/000
Jason GammonLicking River Bass Club-91110/000
Andy Allen, SecretaryLittle River Bassmasters-69420/000
Brian HatfieldLittle Sandy Bass Club-87510/000
Aaron StricklandLittle Sandy Bass Club-87510/000
Shawn Chris RobinsonLittle Sandy Bass Club-87510/000
Bradley Jay Nelson, PresidentLouisa Bass Club-6501Y0/000
Michael BoggsLouisa Bass Club-6501YY0/000
Steve BentleyLouisa Bass Club-65010/000
Tom HillLouisville Metro Bass Club0/000
Donnie Cato, PresidentMadisonville Bass Club-5507Y0/000
Gary CatoMadisonville Bass Club-55070/000
Kaoru O’BryanOldham Co Bass Club-6969Y0/000
Fred Williams JrPlapp’s Pro Anglers0/000
Gary L. WeverPlapp’s Pro Anglers0/000
John Thorpe IIIRiver City Bass Club-6153Y0/000
Matt WhittRiver Valley Bass Anglers-76560/000
Mark HerringRodbusters Bass Club-73580/000
Eddie FreyRodbusters Bass Club-73580/000
Jim T RichardsonSou Ky Bassmasters-35840/000
Scott JonesStump Jumper Bass Club-5632Y0/000
Michael R ClarkStump Jumper Bass Club-56320/000
Kenneth DavisTeam Buckeye-7982YY0/000
Michael Powell, JrTeam Buckeye-79820/000
Keith SicklerTeam Buckeye-79820/000
Paul T. Bud StoneTeam Buckeye-7982YY0/000
Bryan SnyderTeam Buckeye-79820/000
Mike StoneTeam Buckeye-79821/1010
David Shawn DarbyTeam Buckeye-79820/000
Bert SouthernTeam Buckeye-79820/000
Karl Snyder, PresidentTeam Buckeye-7982YY0/000
Roy Gentry, PresidentThe Outcasts-7527Y0/000
Christian RomansThree Rivers Bass Club-7097Y0/000
Johnny Cooper, PresidentWayne Co Bassers-89530/000
wdCarlet ObermeierBottomline Bassmasters-8572
wdRaymond Hagan JrBottomline Bassmasters-8572
wdDanny MooneyEast Ky Bass-7873
wdDavid SullivanGallatin Co Bass Club-7130
wdMike W. Sullivan, PresidentGallatin Co Bass Club-7130
wdJoey HendersonGreen River Bassmasters-8942
wdTommy Johns, Jr.Harrod’s Creek Bassmasters-8600
wdLance LautzenheiserKY River Bassmasters-5769
wdRichard Baker, JrLakeway Bass Hunters-8224
wdShelly PerryLittle Sandy Bass Club-8751
wdArthur GilmoreMadisonville Bass Club-5507
wdLynn Wilson, PresidentPaducah Bass Club-4662
wdRobin JohnsonPlapp’s Pro Anglers
wdDennis PattersonRiver City Bass Club-6153
wdGreg ScythesRiver Valley Bass Anglers-7656
wdMichael BeanSou Ky Bassmasters-3584
wdMichael E. DiscepoliTeam Buckeye-7982
wdDave RandleTeam Buckeye-7982
wdDaniel L. HayesTeam Buckeye-7982
declinedCarl David MorrisGuist Creek Bassmasters-8174
declinedMarilyn BiszmeierStump Jumper Bass Club-5632
Big Bass4.91     Tom Whiles          
 Day 1 Totals          
 Total Fish Caught48         
 Total Fish Released48         
 Total Weight111.99

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