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2018 Youth Schedule


Youth Director:    Ricky Kempton
Phone: 606-307-7401     email:  
LBL4/21/2018Barkley LakeKuttawa6:00\2:00 
Sou Cen5/5/2018Lake CumberlandConley Bottom7:00\3:00 
Eastern5/5/2018Cave Run LakeAlfrey Ramp6:30\2:30 
Cen5/12/2018Barren RiverPort Oliver6:00\2:00 
LBL5/12/2018Barkley LakeKuttawa5:30\2:00 
2 Lakes5/26/2018Taylorsville LakeOpossum Ridge7:00\3:30 
Cen6/2/2018Green RiverState Park6:00\2:00 
Eastern6/3/2018Ohio RiverLittle Sandy6:00\2:00 
Sou Cen6/9/2018Lake CumberlandConley Bottom7:00\3:00 
Cen River8/11/2018Ohio RiverCraigs Creek7:00\3:00 
KBF Junior Adult Membership, KBF Youth Membership,SAF High School Fishing are each Stand Alone Programs and require the appropriate memberships to compete. TBF and FLW Memberships in each type are not interchangeable with the other types.
* Junior Adult Members 16-18 Still In High School (But Not On SAF Team):  These Youths may join the Adult KBF program as Junior Adult Members and may fish in any of the KBF Adult Qualifiers as a Co-Angler Only. The membership fee is $50 and is available at the KBF online membership site. Each Qualifier has a entry fee of $50 to be paid at ramp. You must fish or buy in at least 4 of any of the 28 qualifiers state wide to be invited to the KBF Adult State Championship.

(Revised 2018 KBF Tournament Rules are in effect)    Note: This Is Not Part Of The Youth Program This Is Part Of The Adult Program

Youth – SAF Team Members: All SAF Teams are invited to fish at any of the youth qualifiers as a SAF Team Open Tournament. You will only be fishing against the other SAF Teams at that SAF Team Open Tournament. If your Team fishes in at least 2 qualifiers you will be eligible to fish in the KBF Youth State Championship as a SAF Team. The winning SAF Team at the KBF Youth State Championship will get free KBF Adult Memberships for the following year as individual Co-Anglers and Free Entry into the following years KBF Adult State Championship (If you are 16 years of age). No other memberships dues are required to fish in these SAF Team Opens to compete. A $10 per person entry is all that is required. 1st & 2nd place plaques will be awarded to the SAF Teams at each event. (SAF memberships are through the TBF directly not the KBF)
  KBF Youth Membership All Youth up to 15 years old: ( But not 16 on or before August 31, 2019 )
New Team format for 2018. All KBF Youth will be fishing as a Team with a Boat Captain fishing out of their own boats at all events including the TBF Youth Junior World Championship. Youth Teams are required to fish in at least 2 qualifiers to be invited to the KBF Youth State Championship. A $10 per person entry per event is required. 1st and 2nd place plaques will be awarded to Youth Teams at each event. The winning Team at the KBF Youth Championship will advance to the TBF Junior World Championship Representing Kentucky.

* KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year up to 15 years old:

The top Team (in points) in each Division will compete for KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year at the KBF Youth StateTournament. A Team may fish as many tournaments as they want but can only qualify in one Division for KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year. If a Team has the highest point total in more than one Division only their highest points total Division will carry them into the KBF Youth State Championship and use those points along with the two day totals at the KBF Youth State Championship for KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year. The second place Team in points in any Division that the Team with multiple Division highest point totals but didn’t use will become the Team to represent that Division at the KBF Youth State Championship and will use their points along with the two days totals at the KBF Youth Championship fishing for KBF Youth Team Angler Of The Year..

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