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2009 Youth Angler of the Year Standings

11-14 Age

1Nick Denham4Meade County Jr. Bass Club3/36.593.506.591042Barren River
2Jesse McPherson4Meade County Jr. Bass Club3/ River
3Austin Hagan4Ky Jr Bassmasters2/24.453.014.45892Ky Barkley Lakes
4Christian Perry3Ky Jr Bassmasters3/33.971.423.97891Rough River
5Ryan Dowell3Meade County Jr. Bass Club3/34.800.944.80742Rough River
6Wyatt McPherson3Meade County Jr. Bass Club2/23.363.36596Nolin Lake
7Gavin Wood3Meade County Jr. Bass Club1/ River
8Logan Allen1Meade County Jr. Bass Club2/23.812.443.81300Rough River
Cade Waldrop1Ky Jr Bassmasters2/25.654.215.65300Barren River
Cody Payne1Ky Jr Bassmasters3/36.376.37300Ky Barkley Lakes
11Matthew Ervin1Ky Jr Bassmasters0/000148Wildcard # 1
12Tray Powers1Meade County Jr. Bass Club0/000147Wildcard # 2

15 -18 Age

1Ethan Snyder4Meade County Jr. Bass Club12/1222.322.9722.321192Rough River
2Jared Raymer4Meade County Jr. Bass Club9/916.151.6616.151185Barren River
3Andy Wright4Ky Jr Bassmasters6/612.355.0612.351170Rough River
4Tyler Stull4Meade County Jr. Bass Club4/47.192.387.191022Rough River
5Donovan Jones3Meade County Jr. Bass Club7/714.171.7614.17894Rough River
6Grant Moxley3Ky Jr Bassmasters6/612.222.7712.22886Ky Barkley Lakes
7Stephen Compton4Meade County Jr. Bass Club4/39.400.502.408.90875Rough River
8Ashleigh Cato4West Ky Jr Bassmasters3/37.093.687.09872Wildcard #1
9Aaron Daugherty4Ky Jr Bassmasters2/14.050.502.603.55868Nolin Lake
Tyler Gibson4Ky Jr Bassmasters2/ Lake
11Curt Lindsey3Meade County Jr. Bass Club4/49.983.669.98731Ky Barkley Lakes
12Rusty Warren3Meade County Jr. Bass Club4/39.870.503.739.37725Ky Barkley Lakes
13Jordan Decker3Ky Jr Bassmasters2/22.351.392.35724Nolin Lake
14Kyle Ball3Ky Jr Bassmasters2/23.602.063.60719Wildcard # 2
15Jacob Heibert3Meade County Jr. Bass Club2/23.211.653.21718Wildcard # 3
16Dustin Grimes3Ky Jr Bassmasters3/37.473.977.47586Barren River
17Tyler Casey2Ky Jr Bassmasters4/47.792.367.79577Wildcard # 4
18Joe Manley2Meade County Jr. Bass Club3/27.400.503.586.90444Barren River
19Zack Dipofi2Ky Jr Bassmasters2/25.422.885.42442Barren River
20Lance Freeman1Ky Jr Bassmasters5/518.495.4018.49300Ky Barkley Lakes
21Devon Yahn1Ky Jr Bassmasters3/28.860.503.918.36297Ky Barkley Lakes
22Tyler Brown1Meade County Jr. Bass Club1/11.821.821.82296Rough River
23Brook Rucker1Ky Jr Bassmasters2/24.543.194.54295Barren River
24Micah Chessor1Ky Jr Bassmasters3/37.493.027.49294Ky Barkley Lakes
25Brian Padgett1Ky Jr Bassmasters2/23.733.73293Barren River
26Bryer Cardwell1Ky Jr Bassmasters2/23.573.57292Wildcard # 5
27Drew Wathen1Meade County Jr. Bass Club0/000141Wildcard #6

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