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2009 Youth – Kentucky Barkley Lake

6/20/09 – Kentucky Barkley Lake


11 – 14 Age

1Cody PayneKy Jr Bassmasters3/36.376.37300
2Nick DenhamMeade County Jr. Bass Club1/13.503.503.50299
3Austin HaganKy Jr Bassmasters1/
4Jesse McPhersonMeade County Jr. Bass Club1/
5Wyatt McPhersonMeade County Jr. Bass Club0/00.000.00148
Gavin WoodMeade County Jr. Bass Club0/00.000.00148
***** TOTALS FOR 11 – 14 Age *****
Total Fish Caught6
Total Fish Released6
Total Weight14.92

15 -18 Age

1Lance FreemanKy Jr Bassmasters5/518.495.4018.49300
2Jared RaymerMeade County Jr. Bass Club5/59.489.48299
3Ethan SnyderMeade County Jr. Bass Club5/58.842.978.84298
4Devon YahnKy Jr Bassmasters3/28.860.503.918.36297
5Curt LindseyMeade County Jr. Bass Club3/38.333.668.33296
6Rusty WarrenMeade County Jr. Bass Club3/28.630.503.738.13295
7Micah ChessorKy Jr Bassmasters3/37.493.027.49294
8Grant MoxleyKy Jr Bassmasters3/37.332.777.33293
9Stephen ComptonMeade County Jr. Bass Club3/27.000.506.50292
10Tyler CaseyKy Jr Bassmasters3/36.282.366.28291
11Ashleigh CatoWest Ky Jr Bassmasters1/13.683.683.68290
12Aaron DaughertyKy Jr Bassmasters1/12.602.602.60289
13Tyler StullMeade County Jr. Bass Club1/12.382.382.38288
14Tyler GibsonKy Jr Bassmasters1/
15Kyle BallKy Jr Bassmasters1/
16Andy WrightKy Jr Bassmasters1/11.581.581.58285
17Jacob HeibertMeade County Jr. Bass Club1/11.561.561.56284
18Dustin GrimesKy Jr Bassmasters0/00.000.00141
***** TOTALS FOR 15 -18 Age *****
Total Fish Caught43
Total Fish Released40
Total Weight106.73

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