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2009 Youth – Nolin Lake

7/18/09 – Nolin Lake


11-14 Age

1Wyatt McPhersonMeade County Jr. Bass Club2/23.363.36300
2Austin HaganKy Jr Bassmasters1/11.441.441.44299
3Nick DenhamMeade County Jr. Bass Club1/11.351.351.35298
4Jesse McPhersonMeade County Jr. Bass Club1/
5Christian PerryKy Jr Bassmasters1/
6Ryan DowellMeade County Jr. Bass Club0/000147

15-18 Age

1Grant MoxleyKy Jr Bassmasters2/23.832.733.83300
2Donovan JonesMeade County Jr. Bass Club2/23.423.42299
3Jared RaymerMeade County Jr. Bass Club1/
4Ethan SnyderMeade County Jr. Bass Club1/
5Andy WrightKy Jr Bassmasters1/
6Tyler StullMeade County Jr. Bass Club1/
7Tyler GibsonKy Jr Bassmasters1/
8Jordan DeckerKy Jr Bassmasters1/10.960.960.96293
9Aaron DaughertyKy Jr Bassmasters1/01.450.500.950.95292
10Jacob HeibertMeade County Jr. Bass Club0/000145
Stephen ComptonMeade County Jr. Bass Club0/000145
Ashleigh CatoKy Jr Bassmasters0/000145

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